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LIINII's Referral Terms & Conditions

This Offer is valid from Saturday, 1st of July 2023.


This is a summary of the key terms and conditions to claim LIINII referral rewards credit. 


Referral Rewards

  • This offer is valid for three months and can be shared with family & friends from the date of acceptance by the referrer during this period.
  • There is no requirement for the referrer to be an existing LIINII customer.
  • The referrer is offered $100 CREDIT reward for each family or friend's first LIINII pram purchase (worth minimum $700 total and including any applicable discount if added).
  • If multiple successful referrals are made to LIINII, multiple credit rewards will be delivered to the referrer. There is no limit to credit rewards for referrers.  
  • For both in-stock and pre-orders, credit rewards will be ready to redeem by the referrer within 3 business days after the last product in an order is received and the 14-day pram trial period has ended, provided the referred family or friend's purchase was not cancelled or returned during the trial period. 
  • Reward credit MUST be issued in the referrer’s name and proof of account should be provided when requested by LIINII otherwise if proof of name is not provided within four weeks, the referrer right to the $100 credit reward could be forfeited. Proof can be the email provided showing name and email and the reward code.
  • The referrer will be notified by email via our referral partner [LOOX] once a reward has been earned.
  • For the referral to be valid, the referred family or friends need to use the referrer's personalised invite link when making their first purchase. Purchases that are put through without referral links do not qualify for referral reward credit and cannot be converted to one after the purchase is completed.
  • For the reward credit to be considered as a qualifying reward, the referred family or friend must be a new customer to LIINII, must be over the age of 18, must reside in Australia and must meet the conditions of their reward.
  • The referrer must be over the age of 18 to share this link and must reside in Australia to qualify for the reward credit. We may request evidence of age before providing a credit reward. 
  • The referrer and the referred person cannot be the same person.
  • LIINII reserves the right to refuse or cancel the issue of any reward to any Referred Friend or Referrer at any time.
  • Our refer program cannot be used in conjunction with any offer, sale or discount provided by us on our website or social media sites or anywhere purchases can be made from us.
  • We will cancel any referral credit purchase, claim or payment used with another discount even if our website or payment system allowed a referral purchase to go through with another offer, sale or discount.
  • LIINII reserves the right to vary or cancel all elements of this offer at any time without notice.

Referred Family & Friends Discount 

  • The 20% discount is valid for one month from the point it was issue to the referred family and friends.
  • The Referred family & friend is offered 20% off when ordering any LIINII pram (worth minimum $700) for the first time using the referrer's personalised invite code/link. 
  • To qualify for the reward, the referred friend must be over the age of 18 and must reside in Australia. 
  • Any credit rewards will be revoked if the purchase is cancelled, and the product is returned as part of our 14 days pram trial and free returns policy.
  • Transaction will be cancelled on the order for which the reward was offered in any case and not limited to where a $100 credit reward was made as a mistake or in provided good faith.
  • The Referred family & friend reward cannot be claimed by the same person making the referral.
  • Referred family and friends’ 20% off discount CANNOT be combined with any other offers, sale, or discounts.

Advocate - Receiving Your Reward Credit 

  • For every purchase from your referral to family or friends, you will get $100 credit reward to spend on LIINII website purchase.
  • The minimal online purchase for a referral to use their reward credit is $100.
  • There is no limit to how many referrals you can make. 10 successful referrals using your code to purchase gives you a reward credit of $1000 credit rewards etc, the sky is the limit.
  • $100 credit payment will be made within 3 business days after our 14 days pram and strollers trial and free returns policy for each referral starting from the delivery date the last item in the purchase was received by your referred family or friend.
  • The reward cannot be split into multiple purchases and must be redeemed in its entirety on the next purchase that you make. 
  • Reward credit CANNOT be redeemable or refunded for cash under any circumstance.
  • Our referral credit reward can only be used for purchases on LIINII website, and it is not valid anywhere else.


For other information regarding LIINII Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy please refer to our :  and pages.



LIINII's refer-a-friend campaign is managed by our referral partner LOOX. Our LIINII terms & conditions do not replace below.


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